Our Stories

Robynne Hayes

This is my story to home Inc I'd like to start with a little of where I've been and where I am now in moving forward, We all have a story, some easy, some hard, some happy, some sad. Yet each is unique and beautiful in its own way. Today, I begin to tell my story. A story of life, healing, motivation and inspiration… a story of friends, family and everyday life. A story of strength to keep going after being told I couldn't. A story of devastating losses and a story of love. A life story, a healing … my journey to heal and my journey to live… My journey begins now! As an entrepreneur with a passion so strong for helping women my life has changed. I learned that a consistent quality among successful entrepreneurs was the ability to take risk. I spent my entire young adult life taking risk .I took a risk and started my own business' a cleaning business in 2004 and now a reentry program for women reentering back into society. I need to be the charismatic of change and give them the opportunity when no- one else would. Networking has taught me to become a proficient productive female transitioned into becoming a new woman. In order for ex-offenders to grow as confident leaders and business owners, they must align themselves with appropriate people and map out a team that would be beneficial to the growth and direction of their business. Taking risks and networking has been instrumental in my success. I am an award -winning business entrepreneur who seek to make a difference in my community. Transformation has taken me from the streets to the table with politicians', philanthropist' and “Yes” the almighty God as my provider, my strength and my salvation. I would like to share that most of the people that were there for me when I come home were the most important people to me as a whole. I learn to respect and have some responsibility of where I want to go from here. Moving on. I remember when I came into HOME INC and met with Lynn Lamb and Pam Carmichael, they were very loving and caring I have the up most gratitude for them both. For helping me purchase my house which I am in today and love. Who would of guesses Robynne Buying a house. Thank you Lord for Pam and Lynn I love those women, and hopefully I can carry out my passion with the help of Pam and Lynn housing for other women. As a society, we too have to create a movement; a movement that will encourage, motivate and support ex-offenders as they transition from a state or federal number to a taxpayer. If they are educated, and trained in the institution, and receive refresher courses upon reentry making their skills marketable and then placed in a position where they can compete with the average citizen, they will be well on their way to feeling as if society has a place for them. I am a living testament as to what can be accomplished through determination, and perseverance.