Reduce Recidivism - Alleviate Homelessness


To provide quality service to our clients and reduce recidivism and alleviates homelessness by providing short term shelter for women who seek to obtain long term housing, establish educational needs, and secure employment for its clients.

Housing, Education, and Professional Work Environment

Feel and Implement the Healing.

The Feel and Implement the Healing, hereinafter refer to as (FAITH), is a transitional house for women in the Des Moines, Iowa area. This full-service professional care facility is dedicated to consistently providing personal services in higher education, long-term employment, permanent housing, and assisting with transportation for at-rish members of our community. FAITH provides client satisfaction by rendering excellent service using quality teaching programs. FAITH will maintain a friendly professional work environment which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.

We Need Volunteers and Donations


To achieve our service objectives, Feels and Implement the Healing is seeking grants, private and corporate donations, and a short-term SBA loan. Start-up costs will consist of the purchase of fixed assets, supplies, advertising, and operating cash on hand.