Company History

Robynne Gates
Executive Director

Feel and Initiate the Healing began as a dream in 2004. Upon hearing there was a strong need for Women crying out for help, in Iowa. I began reading different articles out of various registers from State to State.

However: FAITH, will share their plans for a home – a family setting – working with women and children, and women of Incarceration rescued out of the streets, jails and incarceration. Robynne Hayes began to daydream about turning an Old Nursing home or Hotel into a Offender Re-Entry and homeless Facility for Women and families.

The dream simmered in the background, while I looked further about this passion I have for Women. I became determined and destined to completed my passion, going in introducing myself to new people and familiarizing myself with new associates who have a passion like myself. Unfortunately, there were no groups specifically targeting this population, providing either housing or counseling in Iowa. Thinking about this possibility resurrected the dreams I so Long to make a dream come true.

The realization that this was the direction I was to go – to create programs, education, employment and housing working with Offender Reentry and homeless women, overwhelmed me as a woman. Being a woman of faith, I took it to prayer. When I pointed out a lack of personal finances for such a huge project, that still, small voice replied, “If you will risk for this population, I will meet you every step of the way.

What follows here is a plan for FAITH House to grow into a financially comfortable and socially valuable organization. The first building block for any nonprofit organization is to satisfy the demand for a public need.

Mission Statement

To provide quality service to our clients and reduce recidivism and alleviates homelessness by providing short term shelter for women who seek to obtain long term housing, establish educational needs, and secure employment for its clients.


The goal of Feel and Initiate the Healing Transitional Living Program is to provide individuals with employment, education and affordable housing as well as resources and support they need to gain self- sufficient living in an atmosphere of dignity, integrity and respect. The FAITH HOUSE Living Program serves adult women (18+), women who upon being released from prison are homeless.

The Long term goal for FAITH is to be the community center for offenders reentry in Iowa. Iowa Department of Correctional Services is providing a blueprint for, for services and FAITH is poised to emulate these services, work with University of Iowa to evaluate successes, and make positive adjustments for long term effectiveness and growth. Over the next two to three years, FAITH can grow vertically to the point of needed to expand into a larger operation space.

Vision Statement

FAITH is a phenomenal community-based standard for serving the homeless with an offender reentry program.